Career Management Programs

Our Career Management Programs are designed to help your top-performing employees in any phase of their career development.  Typically, these employees would be in a management position or employees identified as having “High Potential”. We provide assistance and direction to these individuals when they are going through a difficult time in their life (personal or professional) or are experiencing some type of major change in their career.  These changes could include when they first join your company when almost everything is a significant adjustment, moving into a completely new position due to a promotion, a lateral position move to expose them to other areas of the company, assuming new responsibilities in their current position, adapting to a new boss, adjusting to a major technological or operational change occurring at the company, or having their position eliminated.

Going through any of these changes presents a variety of challenges unique to each individual.  We work with your employees in these situations to help them effectively manage their career while continuing to meet the goals of the company.  The process we use can be consistently applied in many different situations with the same overall focus on results.

 Our Career Management Programs help your employees in the following areas:

  • Understand the change or issue they are currently facing and help them make the necessary adjustments
  • Establish and align their Career Management goals consistent with the goals of the company
  • Implement pro-active plans designed to achieve specific, measurable results
  • Establish priorities and make necessary adjustments to stay on track
  • Understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between career and personal responsibilities

Contact Career Management Resources today to learn more about how our Career Management Programs can help valuable members of your team successfully manage difficult transitions in their career.